Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today was exhausting!!!

Princess had swimming lessons this morning and was AWESOME. She put her face in on her own, which is a big accomplishment for her. After that we went thrifting and I found the DEAL OF THE CENTURY.

I am going to post the photo tomorrow. Right now my phone is dead and I waaaay to tired to charge it.

Treasure was DEFINITELY the theme of the day with my awesome thrift store find.


Princess did a treasure sorting activity. I put 6 different types of items on a tray and then several more of each item in a box.

just had to go through and sort them out!!!! 

We BATTLED a bit with this activity.

Princess didn't want to sort it. She wanted to dump everything into the box, PLUS add a bunch of other items and carry the box around the house.

I finally got her to understand what needed to be accomplished...and...SHE HAD A GREAT TIME.

She especially liked the watch faces. She calls them clocks.

I will probably give her all the clocks tomorrow to practice counting and then I will let her put them in one of her treasure chests to carry around. Somehow she has collected 3 different treasure chests over the past two days.

Here she is once she decided to do the activity the right way:

Treasure Basket for Son.

This was a hit. I gave Son this basket and his smile was huge. He hit the jackpot as far as he was concerned. Pretty much everything in this basket came from a yardsale for $0.25, including the vintage wooden pirate from Austria

Son was LOVING this pirate.

He also liked the compass and small treasure box:

He was shaking the bell and dancing with everything else. I am going to try to add some more things to the basket for tomorrow. Princess has hi-jacked most of it by this point and has hidden it somewhere in the house.

I think she is taking the pirate theme a BIT too seriously!!!!

Son was dancing so hard that I could not take an un-blurry photo:

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