Friday, May 15, 2015

Sand Slide

We had a nice time today going out to dinner and then to walk the beach. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to handle three kids by myself at the beach. I only have two hands and one set of eyes!!!! I need more.

We tried out a new spot to eat with lots of vegan/vegetarian options:

Then we hiked the beach:

We got to watch some kite surfing too:

And then they scaled a mountain:

Son slid down it, but kept running back up. He refused to come down at one point so I had to climb up there wearing a dress and holding the Wiz. I had to pull him down the hill of sand and we were right in front of a restaurant patio so we caused quite the scene:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Muddy Matters

Last time we had a good rain, the kids became very interested in the I let them explore:

When I sent these pictures to The Boss, he asked me "Why did you let them go in the mud?" My reply "why would I not?" 

Playing in the mud used to be something kids do, but not anymore. Kids don't play outside like they used to. They don't get messy or stay out in the rain.

 I just can't have that. I want them to make messes and play in the woods and look at the outdoors in the way that only a child can. 

A little Play Doh party. This was before the fight:

At the beach with Boss:

Karate class. This guy refused to participate. He just wanted to wear the instructors gear:


Basketball Hoarder

A few random photos...

The babies on their way to the beach:


At My Gym:

Son has this thing about the basketballs. He hoards them. He wants to shoot baskets, but the other kids pick them up once he shoots. So he doesn't shoot. He guards them:

Then hides them, so neither he, nor anyone else can use them:


Feel the Wheels

It is impossible for me to get my hair colored with all my babies and I got tired of walking around with dark roots down to my earlobes, so I asked the hairdresser at the kids salon to color my hair and SHE AGREED!!!!! 

My life has gotten so much better. I can go there and let the kids play with all the toys and watch movies while I get my hair done. Don't get me wrong, it is A LOT of work. Mostly saying "No" a thousand times, but still... No roots. Woooo hoo.

Here are the kids with their finished looks:

We also went to the Feel the Wheels event to benefit the St Augustine Children's museum that is being built. It was awesome:

We met Mater:

This is the trolley:

Driving a bus:

The book mobile:

She's the queen of the world:

My son met Cinderella and fell in love:

The Fair

I'm weeks behind on my posts. I don't know what happened. Well, partially it was because The Wiz was sick. He spent the night in the hospital because he had a stomach flu and was vomiting every time he ate. It was horrible. What an angel in his gown:

We were at the Wolfson's children's hospital again and I just can't say enough about that place. Such a wonderful hospital:

A few days before all that we went to the county fair with the Boss, so here are a few pics:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rype and Readi Farm

We headed out to the Rype and Readi farm today to play with some animals and get some fruits and veggies.

First we chased some chickens:

We were lucky to get there when the pigs were having a snack. The kids got to ring the feeding bell and everything:

When we got home, we couldn't help but make a fruit face in the driveway: