Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why is it 80 Degrees?

My boys are usually getting along while Princess is at VPK. They literally get every toy in the house out and make a massive mess, but they do have fun:

We've been finding snail shells in the yard like crazy:

Obstacle course:

We went to the beach today. Tell me why it's 80 degrees in February and why is my air conditioner in my car broken????? Holy hot car rides this week:

Two sisters:

After the beach we went to walk on the walking bridge. I love it there because we are the only ones ever on it and therefore there's no one to hear me constantly telling. STOP. COME BACK. GET DOWN!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Winter Hike

Boss was home on the weekend so we did a little hiking in the perfect "winter" weather:

The family built a fort while I chased the Wiz who was trying to eat mushrooms that I was terrified were poisonous:

The finished fort:

The Wiz was discovering all kinds of things:

Then I walked into my bathroom to see Disney characters being held hostage by pirates:

Son looking fresh from his haircut today:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hey Valentine

I picked up a bunch of clothes at Target on clearance for less than $3 a piece. Princess loves this dress she got. The long sleeves don't exactly compliment the outfit, but's cold in Florida!!!

Princess made this box for her Valentine collection at school:

And here are her Valentines:

She wrote her name on 22 of them!

My mom mailed us cards and her cards always have "security tape". She's a mail carrier and has seen many cards get money taken from them:

She also decorates boxes:

This is my princess in her Valentine outfit. She picked it. For some it would be a bit much, but this is her perfect style!!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Jebbie

 Woo hoo!! On Saturday Sis tried desperately to get Shawn Mendes concert tickets only to have them sell out in three minutes. We then tried to buy them on resale sights but the prices were 5 times as much!!!! So we raced to the amphitheater and low and behold they had the best seats in the house available for the original sale price of 40 bucks. So front row center on the floor for Sis to the concert. Here is the Wiz with the ticket!!!! 

Don't worry, Sis has taken the ticket and wrapped it like a Christmas gift so she won't lose it!

Yesterday we went to the park for such a nice day:

Then came home to make a valentine project:

Son made this:

We are playing with Play Doh right now:

And this is just precious:

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Nap after the Museum

We had some experiments going on around here yesterday:

Wiz has been putting all kinds of stuff in all kinds of containers:

We went up to the children's museum too. The Wiz LOVED opening and shutting the cages in the vet office:

Three veterinarians at work:

They improved the train area and Son was IN LOVE:

Princess made some valentines at the post office:

And danced like the star she is on the stage:

Sister entertained herself with her phone:

And this happened on the way home:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Summer February

What a perfect summer day today. It's February though.

Princess set up an obstacle course:

The Wiz dismantled it:

Son made mac n cheese leaf soup:

The Wiz made a stick dish:

We set up the parachute:

And it was windy so it was fun to run under:

Here is Princess with her rock eggs and salad meal: