Friday, July 22, 2016


We just spent a week studying Dolphins. Princess picked the subject and we went with it.

First stop: Marineland 

Note that I have no dolphin photos. It was too hard with three of them and one of me. They were running in different directions and no photos happend, but WE DID SEE DOLPHINS. One dolphin just had a baby, and it was so cute to see  them swim together.

They LOVED climbing the rocks at Marineland so much:


After we saw the Dolphins we went to the library to load up on dolphin books.

Then we made a diorama:


After all that we felt equipped to write our first research paper:



Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Our last science experiment was creating Quicksand. It only requires cornstarch and water and it's a ton of fun!

First we dumped the cornstarch in a container:

Then poured in some water. Son poured the whole pitcher in which diluted it too much. We had no more cornstarch so I added arrowroot powder to balance it out:

The constarch was very thick and hard to mix:

But liquidy when the kids picked it up. It felt so cool:

I hid some treasures in the mixture for them to find:

Beware! This caused a HUGE mess, but well worth it!






On Sunday we went kayaking with Princess and Son for the first time. The scenery was beautiful and I had so much fun:

Princess really wanted to find an island an explore. We did not find an island:

We took a moment to stop and listen to nature. Princess said it was boring and continued to insist on finding an island:

Afterwards the kids swam:

Then we found a cool rooster that we named Rainbow. He bit Princess, which abruptly ended their friendship:



Teddy Bear Picnic

We started the day off on Saturday with a Teddy Bear Picnic. The purple teddy is on a diet, which is apparently a hilarious word:

Princess says she's ready to ride without training wheels:

Scooping a little rice with measuring spoons keeps these guys busy for a while:

Here's The Wiz playing with a box of feathers...aka dumping them all over my living room:




Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spaced Out

During our trip to MOSH Jax, the kids got really excited to learn about the planets. So while there, we picked up some astronaut ice cream:

And we started our unit eating that dehydrated deliciousness for breakfast:

Afterwards we played with some moon sand, which is seriously awesome and weird at the same time. It's dry and light out of water and heavy and malleable in water. It also dries like magic:

Next up: constellations made of spaghetti and marshmallows:

Some of us made them... And some of us ate them. Look at this crazy marshmallow kid:

Then we made planets out of clay. Son made flat planets:

Princess made 3D planets. Here's earth:

Here's the whole set:

Princess also made a space book:

This moon was made from gray glitter mixed with Crayola model magic:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Super Fly Snuka

We decided to participate in a summer reading program called Give Your Child the World. It's based on a book of the same name which I have on order, but haven't received yet.

The reading program studies one continent per week and this week was Africa. So we had a great time reading about the people of this continent:

We did our Africa Geopuzzle too:

I had more things planned, but I got sick. When I say sick I mean puking my guts out-couldn't talk-couldn't get out of bed sick. Sis had to watch all the kids ALL day while I helplessly laid in bed. 

Now here is my question. Why is it that I was so sick and my kids wanted to do nothing but jump on me?  I mean they jumped on my pounding head like 50 times..... I swear it was a conspiracy. Were they trying to keep me down so they could have run of the house? Ouch. Did you ever have the worst headache of your life and get Super Fly Snuka'd to death. Sis did the best she could. She really was working hard the entire day. 

Boss came home in the evening and apparently ordered pizza. I thought I was feeling a bit better, but as soon as I heard the pizza guy at the door I got so sick
 again. The thought of pizza.... It was bad. I stayed in bed nearly 24 hours altogether. I have no clue as to what happened. Food poisoning? The flu? Did My body need a "vacation"?  Apparently Sis's nerves were shot when Boss got home and I am in serious debt to her. I never got to see the mess that they had made, but everyone agreed it was a good one.

Here's my babies playing playdoh right before I got sick: