Monday, July 14, 2014

Pushing Pearls - Pirate Unit

In addition to our field trip, we worked on a few activities today.
Unbelievable, but I found the Hape , Stormy Seas game YESTERDAY at a yard sale for $3.00. It was unused . PERFECT for our  Pirate theme.
I was so excited because Hape is my favorite toy brand, but its so expensive. Even more, it was a great addition to our pirate shelf work.
This game cracked Princess up!!! It is hard for her to balance the objects, but she does understand the concept. Her record is 4 pieces balanced so far.
This girl lives in pajamas these days. She wears 4 or 5 different pair a day. Whhhhhy?
Next we did a fine motor àctivity.
 I had a bunch of pearls and she had to pinch them and push them into a bottle with a small opening.
 She had to work at this because the pearl and the bottle opening were close in size. She LOVED this. She was occupied for 30 minutes! 

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