Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Christmas Happenings

A couple days ago we made some Christmas cookies. Icing and sprinkles were spread throughout my house. 

Note: The Boss was not home. 

Princess loves squishing and eating icing. It's one of her favorite hobbies:

Son is a baker at heart. He has an eye for detail when it comes to decorating baked goods:

We went to see The Grinch show today at church. Son pretty much was not willing to sit and watch the show, so he and I went to play with some good ole Florida snow:

Here he is decorating a Whoville tree:

Our swim school has blow up characters scattered around the building and my babies love Mickey:

At the mall, while Sis did some Christmas shopping, we rode the train....and guess who we ran into while riding? Sis!!!! We made a point to yell her name and embarrass her:

Son enjoying the pop he got from the conductor:

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Soccer Star

A few weeks ago Princess got her first athletic award. At her last soccer practice everyone received a participation medal:

 I can not exactly say this award was well-deserved. During most practices she would run off the field for some reason or another and not want to return to practice. She might be tempted by the swing set or come over to antagonize her brother. And if a dog was at the field...forget it. No way would she be go back to practice. 

Then there was the time she got sidelined for throwing grass.....

Anyway, her team had a end of season party and despite it being December, it was hot outside:

I am not sure we will play soccer next year. It doesn't seem to be her "thing", but overall it was a good experience and I'm so glad we tried.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Internet in Real Life

  Sis and I traveled to Orlando yesterday to go to Digitour. Aka the internet in real life. This is our second Digitour event, but the first time we went, our photos didn't come out well.

This is Trevor Moran. He is a Youtuber who is a member of a group called o2L. He was also on XFactor. 

The cool thing is that we met him once before and he remembered Sister. She just about went crazy when he said he remembered her. Maybe I can post the video later:

Sammy Wilk:

I have to wait for Sis to get home from school to identify some of the other people:

Andrea Russett:

In front of the stage:

The bus:

Personally the ride there was fun for me. I love seeing Sis so excited. I also loved when Trevor remembered her.

Bonus: I got to go to Barnes n Noble by my self while she stood in line. I never get to go into stores alone anymore, so the quiet time was nice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I was so excited to make our gingerbread house this year because I knew it would be a hit.

We bought the pre-built kit since last year the house kept falling apart on me. I picked it up at target for $8.99:

I don't think they provide an adequate amount of candy in the kit. They fail to account for the fact that my babies were eating two or three pieces for every piece they put on the house:

We picked up these antlers at Dollar Tree and I thought they were precious:

Actually decorating. I got the placemats and other decorations at Dollar tree as well:

We added some Disney characters and reindeer for some pizazz:

Tada. The final product:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Outside Again

A few months ago we bought this playground set off of Craigslist and we got a great deal!!! 

Boss had to take it apart at the sellers house and reassemble it at ours, so it was a ton of work, but he did a wonderful job.

 He had to replace some of the wood, so some parts are not finished in stain yet, but it is ready for playing:

One of our favorite things to do is to push cars down the slide:

Son and Princess both love the rock wall:

I put some tree stumps, rocks and a cast iron pot in the play house area and they love to play there now too. I also added our kitchen set (after this photo) so they can make mud pies: 

Now we spend more time in the yard since it is cooler outside:

Son loves going in the woods and the high grass. It drives me crazy because he goes far into the trees:

We go searching for tracks all the time:

Son is into rock collecting or in this case, piece of the road collecting:

We found these pretty flowers on a tree outside:

Gizzy even gets out with us at times:

Son constantly climbs this tree in the yard:

And this is what December in Florida looks like:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Making Cookies

Yesterday we made a mess...and a few Christmas cookies. 

Princess loves using the mixer:

She nicely poured all the ingredients in the bowl. Gizmo waited around for some food to drop:

The decorating started kind of nicely:

Then we got out the sprinkles. They were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Living room, kitchen, and somehow there was a huge pile in the laundry room:

Son was in charge of the icing:

Princes was in charge of the tasting:

Here's the final product:

We did a little Christmas shopping too:

The babies also did some decorating:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Day Out with Dad

The alternate title of this post was "Mommy finally got a nap". 

Boss has been gone a lot for work and I have been exhausted. So when he got the opportunity to be home he offered to take the babies out for the whole day!!!!! 

Before I get to what they did, let me tell you what I did... 


I didn't cook a meal, pick up a toy, wash a dish or fold one piece of laundry.

 No diapers were changed, no counter was wiped, no floor was vacuumed and no bed was made. 



IT....WAS ...GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to another day like this...actually a week. I need a good weeks rest right before I have my baby. But for now, it was just what I needed.

Thanks Boss! That was a wonderful gift!

So where did they go?

Boss took the babies to The Museum of Science in Jacksonville and then to the zoo. After that they went to Costco and they were literally out all day. I missed them so much (between naps, of course).

Here are some pictures from their trip: