Sunday, July 20, 2014

Matching Activities Pirate Style

When I was preparing for Pirate Week, I found the most precious blog called EVERY STAR IS DIFFERENT.
She had some great ideas for a pirate theme, and "borrowed" two of them.
The first idea was to print out photos of birds and have Son match them to the same colored feathers. I started with 3 birds, but he really did not understand what to do.
When I gave him two birds he had a 50/50 shot at getting the feathers matched correctly. So when he matched them correctly I cheered and so did he. He started getting them correct a little more often, but now I have no idea if he understands the concept or not.
We are doing a bird unit next week, so we will leave this one on the shelves and try again:
The second idea was a treasure map and object matching. Princess did enjoy this, and she completed it a few times, but after a day or two she started putting the objects and anything small from her montessori shelf into her treasure box. She has about 4 treasure boxes right now and they are all over the house filled with a bunch of random stuff that I seemingly always trying to find...anyway...
Like I said, I found this idea on  EVERY STAR IS DIFFERENT and if you would like to see her pirate totschool ideas, go HERE. 
Her pirate ideas for older kids are HERE and if you want this map printable, go HERE:
Matching her objects while they were still able to be found:

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