Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bird Unit Day 1

 I am exhausted from our long drive back and forth to Fort Lauderdale and I have stayed up very late for the past two nights preparing for this bird unit. I lost my steam a bit, I think...but thats okay. I just need a day or two to recover and we will be back in action around here.
Today we did a bunch of our shelfwork for the bird unit. I knew Princess would choose the scooping activity first and she did. Here is the montessori scooping tray:
I think she worked on this for about 45 minutes:
This was the calm before the storm because trust me...a ROYAL bird mess was made:
As an extension activity we got out a funnel. This is Princess's first time using a funnel. She really liked it, but the bird seed kind of got stuck because there were sunflower seeds in there and they were clogging up the funnel:
This is how I decorated the empty wall in our classroom. We will be using the letters to do phonics. The bird photos were cut out from books and calendar pages. The little circle is our bible verse for this week, which is:
"He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings". Psalm 91:4
Here is Son working on pushing pipe cleaners into small holes:

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