Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Son

All Son wanted for his birthday was to go fishing. It was his first time and he got a new Spider man fishing pole. 

Here's the birthday boy:

Dearest Son,

You are such a sweet boy. You are very caring and gentle and kind. You love puzzles and fixing things and tools. You are the best helper when it comes to jobs around the house. I love reading books with you at night and doing your schoolwork with you in the day. You are incredibly stubborn and demanding too and I feel like you are going to have one patient wife to take care of you.... but she will because she will fall in love with your precious smile, your good looks and your gentle spirit. You are definitely a computer nerd and a true mans man. I love being your mom because you brighten my live every day. 


Age: 4

Nickname: Supie, Buddy

Favorite thing to do: play computer, climb trees, puzzles

Favorite movie: Annie, Wizard of Oz

Favorite Show: Dinosaur King
 Favorite food: smoothies!!!!!!! Lots and lots of smoothies!!!!!




La la Loopsy

We have been enjoying a trip to the library once a week. They love to do the puzzles:

They also have a great phonics puzzle:

We found a crab in our yard. It is dead but... It's been in my house and my car and with us at the grocery store. Her name is La la loop and she's "sleeping".

Some of our recent beach finds:

We got a chance to deliver all this to the homeless shelter. We got to pray for the food and those who receive it. It was a great joy and hope we get to do it again soon.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Guana State Park

Yay to my kids for hiking over two miles today. It was exhausting and cold after being in the water and MUDDY but so so fun!

This guy studied the map and followed the trail guides the whole way:

Wiz hiked the whole first mile:



Little Free Library

How sweet is this? They were chanting "best friends forever".

My crew:

We have been spending a lot of time in the woods and I love it. The woods are my happy place:

Our first time at a little free library. They are all over the country!!! Go to littlefreelibrary.org and see if there is one near you. You just leave a book and take a book. It's so fun.


Walk Like an Egyptian

We found a book about mummy's last week and then decided out of no where that we should study Egypt. So without buying anything special, we used what we had to make it happen.

Princess playing a roll the dice graphing game:

Making Egyptian necklaces out of cardboard and confetti:

My Egyptian princess:

Painting camels:

We make masks from clay:

Son was so proud of his:

Princess made a pyramid from paper:

And a mummy:

She also wrote her name using the hieroglyphic alphabet and I made mummies out of the kids wrapping white cloth all around them. It was so fun to immerse ourselves in Egypt all week and forget about our normal work:



Beach and other things

Some art time. Have I posted this?

Making a gooey mess aka an experiment:

Son is really into board games right now:

I love the beach anymore. I have disliked the beach for a long time and I realize that it's not the beach I dislike, it's sitting down I dislike. I love walking along the beach and think running there would be great. We take nature walks and find sea sponges, horseshoe crabs, all kinds of things. 

The wiz never loses sight of his favorite activity. Snacking:

Snuck a picture of Sis:

He DID NOT want to leave:



Out and about

Castillo de San Marcos is always fun to stretch our legs. We haven't spent much time walking on the outside of the fort, so we tried it out:

Inside the kids did a worksheet to earn a badge:

The next day we went to a local state park we haven't gone to before:

Huge pine trees:

The trail was peaceful and fun:

Until we saw this. The kids were afraid to continue:

So we went back to the picnic area and spent some time by the water, laying on the ground staring up at the sky and climbing trees. I love our life: