Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we went to Tommy's Pumpkin Patch in St. Johns. We had a great time!
We got to pet some animals:
 I'm  not sure what everyone was looking at here:
My handsome baby in the pumpkin patch: 
 Punkin chunkin:
Not the cutest pumkin patch, but:
The boys watching Princess in the bounce house: 
She had so much fun bouncing! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Gizmo

Gizmo celebrated his 3rd birthday today!
He selected a Raw vegan Chocolate Ganache cake from The Present Moment Cafe. It was delicious.
He could hardly wait to get through "Happy Birthday". He wanted his cake!
 He got to wear a king crown. He is still stuck on the "King Gizmo" thing.
The best part of the day was that he got promoted to Staff Sergeant!!!! I was so proud that I had a tear in my eye (and I am totally serious). He is going to be taking on a lot more responsibilities now. I just hope he doesn't get deployed any time soon. He's still my little boy!
Wearing his new rank:

He LOVED his cake and his gifts. He received a large card from the family and 2 boxes of treats (1 baked sweet potato and 1 peanut butter).
We are so greatful to have Gizmo in our lives and we thank God for blessing us with such a wonderful son.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Themed Letter H Activity

I have been waiting and waiting for the weather to cool down so we can do some fall themed activities...its hard to accept the fact that its fall when you live in a state where its still 90 degrees during the day!
I decided to hang a bunch of fall themed items from our tree:
Indian Corn
Paper Leaves from the Dollar Tree
Pinecones that we picked from the State Park
And some upper and lower case H's that I cut out of cardstock, since this is our letter of the week.
Here is how it looked:
 Princess was EXCITED when she walked out the front door and saw everything dangling from the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surprisingly she went right for all the H's and put them in a basket:
Oh, I also hung this cool burlap envelope that I got at Hobby Lobby. Find it HERE.

I hid some small pumpkins and a few cookies in there:
Enjoying the cookies:
 I realize this is a pathetic amount of hay and WISH I had bought a bale of it. Unfortunately there was no way it was going to fit in my car AND it was 12 bucks. I couldn't see myself paying that for something I was only going to use once, so I talked the guy at the market into selling me a grocery bag full for a dollar.
Princess has taken a particular interest in gourds lately:
This is how it looked from a kid perspective. Pretty cool I'd say:
My little guy spent most of his time staring at that hay. It was like he was afraid of it. That kind of makes sense because he is TERRIFIED of horses. I think that hay smell reminded him of a horse!
I got this little newspaper turkey at Hobby Lobby too and I think it is so stinking cute!
Im starting to realize that the more kids you have, the less likely it is to get a photo where everyone is looking at the camera.
Princess became very protective of her gourds. Sister kept taunting her by placing leaves and pinecones in the basket with the gourds. She took a fit and threw them out!
Getting rid of all non-gourds:
 Then she counted them AND then they came into the house with us...
These are my favorite photos of the day:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Act of Kindness letter G

We did not forget to do our act of kindness for letter F. It is just taking longer than expected.
For letter G we decided to give a gift to...wait for it...
So maybe he doesn't exactly deserve a gift because of his cranky attitude, but we figured we should honor him anyway.
He used to be the center of attention, but that was two babies ago. Now, he is lucky he gets fed!!!!
Kidding, but he does get robbed in the attention department and now that we have a totally legit yard, he doesn't get walked much either.
So.....All Hail King Gizmo.....
(And he was totally milking it).
We first took him for a nice walk at Fort Mose State Park. It is a very nice park with a long pier that has great views of the marsh.

The King decided to ,well, do what kings do:
 Then we took the king on a shopping spree to his favorite store (the only one that he is actually allowed to shop in):

Princess wanted to buy him everything:
He also got lots of love from Sister:
This act of kindess was fun, but I fear that Gizmo now believes he is REALLY the king! He already has the biggest ego on the planet and now there may be no turning back. Wait...a note from the king himself:
Bathicwy I would wike to say that its about time that the famwy wekonizes me for all that I do! Fwum now on I wold wike to be wefud to as KING GIZMO. Emphasis on the king pawt.
Wadies... who would wike to be my queen?????
KING Gizmo 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Play-Doh Apple Pie for Fall

Last night I bought an apple pie candle and it smelled so delicious that I considered making apple pie.  
BUT considering that I am on a "diet", I figured that would be total sabotage, so we decided to make a Play-Doh apple pie instead.
So I made some real bread dough and scented it with caramel extract and cinnamon . Then I put the dough into a pie pan and created some apples out of Play-Doh. I also offered sugar in a bowl , cinnamon and some real apples.
Here's the set up:
The Play-Doh apples:
I am no Wal-Mart fan, but these bowls I bought yesterday are PRE-E-ECIOUS:
Here is Princess smelling the cinnamon: 
She was kind of into the dough. I let her taste it, but not eat it. My grandfather was a baker and I used to LOVE when he gave me dough to play with at the bakery.
This guy needs his own cooking show:
These hands...
Too many cooks in the kitchen:
Actually I think they both need a cooking show:
The case of the apple pie stalker: