Saturday, October 22, 2016

Catching Up with my Photos

Princess working on her handwriting cards:

A little little painting session. We painted butterflies since we have a caterpillar family that we are raising. They are in the cup on the table watching the action:

Son likes to play with our math units:

The Wiz is into nature...and dumping things:

A little vowel bingo:

The obligatory carousel ride at the park:

We've been learning about owls:



Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hurricane Photos

It's only taken me a month, but here are our hurricane photos:

Boss cutting trees in the driveway:

And attempting to pull the tree out after his chainsaw broke (it didn't work):

We HAD to get the kids out the next day because they were going nuts from being stuck in the house the previous day:




Princess and Daddy ran a 5k together:

Princess is the short one in the mint green shorts!

Speaking of running, here I am after my first half marathon last Weekend:

The babies got new night lights:

My little chef:




Flower Shop

I'm behind on posts again due to the hurricane (actually laziness).

We went to the St Augustine kids fest and met a pirate lady:

And tried hula hooping:

It was crowded and crazy so we kind of just went into the woods to play, which is us in our element:

Princess set up a flower shop in the driveway:

The line of customers waiting was insane:

Enacting the little pigs again and one of my actors was being difficult: