Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to Eat a Yogurt

Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth  is one of the best places in St. Augustine and it is fun for the kids because they can run around!!! This was our second visit and it was just the Princess and I. Son fell asleep in the car and Sis watched him while we went to take a drink from the fountain. Here is my angel with Ponce De Leon himself:
Here she is in one of the huts. I have NO CLUE what goes on the huts because Princess doesn't hang around for the shows or demonstrations:
 The BEST part of the Fountain of Youth???? The peacocks:
Princess scaled a fence to get to them:
I kind of felt bad for this little guy. I'd be terrified if a little girl with a stick were chasing me:
And here she is getting a drink from the fountain:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter J Sensory Bin

I filled a bin with jelly....these babies have never tasted jelly because we don't eat bread, but I thought it would be a fun base for the sensory bin.

It is hard to find letter "J" objects and I couldn't bare to plunk Jesus down in a pile of jelly, so a few jets, some alphabet puzzle J letters and some jaguars were about all I could come up with. A laminated Justin Bieber worked his way in there too.

Its not a coincidence that the boss was away when we decided to do this activity: 

Enjoying the juice. When we were playing with the items, we practiced J sounds.

Princess wasn't as much of a fan of the stickiness that I thought she would be:

My son was, though:

She LOVED scooping the jelly into jars:

Like seriously loved it:

 Ah...the Biebs in his younger and better behaved days:

Princess started to enjoy touching the jelly in the end.

I scooped up both babies and washed them in the sink. Jelly is one of those substances that isn't really gone after one washing. 

The babies are still a bit sticky even after (as my grandmother used to say) "a good scrubbin":

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Color Sorting in a Huge Way

We got this HUGE parachute at a yard sale for $3.00!

It takes a few people to operate it, but the babies love it so much that when its just me home, I let them crawl around on it for fun.

Today we took the balls from our crib ball pit and sorted them by color on the parachute. It was lots of fun and Gizmo even got in on the action. He lives to eat these things...(jerk)!

Before we started:

Princess had a blast doing this:

Here she is keeping them away from Gizmo:

Son got in on the action....and I am sorry our parachute has a rip. I really need to learn to sew:

What could doing? ( Hint: He's waiting for someone to look away):

Like I said....

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sea World

Last week we took a trip to Orlando. We didn't take many photos because my phone was broken.
Surprisingly it was not very crowded and Sister got to ride each roller coaster twice with no wait!
Son loved hanging out by the water. He seemed more interested in playing in dirt than anything else.
Princess loved the penguins and dolphins.
We told her the day before that we were going to do something fun and she keeps asking to do something "fun and special".
See the video of her first roller coaster in the post below.
DISCLAIMER: The Shamu show was shut down when we were there and will continue to be closed until mid-April. I', glad because when we got home from the trip we watched the documentary called Blackfish. I have my own opinions, but it is definitely a film worth checking out.
Son and I spent a lot of time at these fountains. They are found at the kiddie section of the park. What a hunk!!!!
I had to bribe Sister to get this picture:
The weather could not have been more perfect. We were so fortunate. Last time we went to Sea World it was in July and SO HOT (Not to mention I was nearly nine months pregnant and had to ride in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk).
No words for this photo:
A family selfie:
My little guy couldn't ride on many rides, but he still had fun walking around and climbing on things:
Princess and her beloved penguins! It was SOOOO COLD IN THERE:


A Princess and A Roller Coaster

This is the Princess's first roller coaster ride. It was the Shamu coaster at Sea World and at 2 years old she was tall enough and actually was excited to go!!!! I watched from the ground! 

Go here to see the video:


Saturday, March 22, 2014

What Kind of Flowers?

These showed up in my yard and I love them!!!! What are they? Does anyone know?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day (almost)

We went to a St. Patrick's Day party today. I made a rainbow fruit platter to share:

The kids played at the park for a long time. Apparently they didn't get tired enough for a nap though...sigh.

I picked up this hat at the Dollar Tree:

I found myself in Wal-Mart (yuck) yesterday and got this cute headband:

She went back and forth between the headband and cat hat throughout the morning:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Justin Bieber is Made Of

The Biebs has crept his way into Humble Hearts yet again. Sister had to make a project based on a biography she has read. The assignment was to make a face out of objects that represent that person.

The hair is actually song titles on strips of paper that we painted and "styled" with hot wax.

The ears, eyes, and nose have different instruments that he plays.

The lips are a Canadian flag. Here's how it turned out:

Monday, March 10, 2014


I scored a free kindle from an At&t promotion. I rarely get to use it, but at least its one thing that these babies are willing to share:

Hiking, Biking, and Bald Eagles

Today we went to Princess Place Preserve in Palm Coast. We loved this place! 
On Sundays from 10am until 1pm they have telescopes set up so you can view the bald eagles and their baby in the nest. The baby is absolutely precious.We got lucky because the parents were flying straight over our heads. There was a couple there who run the viewing program and they told us about a website called It is a site run by elementary students and they have links to live eagle cameras. These people are dedicated!!!!
Afterwards we went biking around the preserve. It didn't feel like Florida to me because the woods reminded me so much of the Appalachian trail. 
The babies liked riding in the bike trailer for the most part.
A lot of people were riding horses on the trails so Princess was thrilled to see ponies.
Princess loves finding sticks:
Son was sort of mad (even though he looks happy here). He wanted to walk like his big sister! He walks great, but he needs to pick up the pace if he wants to hike on his own:
On the way to the eagle's nest:
 This is the best I could do with my cell phone:
Ready to roll out. We were so fortunate that a friend gave us this bike trailer for free. We need to use it more: 
Sis riding fast:

There are lots of beautiful campsites here that sit on the water:
I wish we can go camping again!!!!!! The last time we went was in the summer of 2011. Princess wasn't even born yet. I was 8 months FLORIDA. Can you imagine? Here we are camping at Space view park waiting for the last shuttle launch: 
And here is the shuttle. Again, cell phone picture:
Then we went to Yogi Bear campground. This place was great. I camped there once when I was little and really wanted to go back since I had such a good memory. They have a nice military discount too. Sis and her BFF:
This is what Gizmo looks like when he has been camping!!! He just kept looking for dirt to roll around in. He was so disgustine by the time we were done:

Friday, March 7, 2014

2 Best Friends: A Selfie Series

This is what my girls do in the car.


Ah Weird:

Pleasantly Surprised:



Starring: Sister and Princess

Directed By: Sister

Humble Hearts