Friday, July 11, 2014

Son's Activities- 16 Months

Son is just starting his school work and I can't really leave him in the classroom because he terrorizes the place! So many bloggers and Pinners have kids this age and I haven't seen one who has a child that isn't a perfect Montessori student. How is this possible?

Does no one else have a toddler who is on a mission to clear all their shelves in 5 seconds flat? I get very frustrated when all I read are posts with 18 month old, quiet, independent, perfectly behaved, hard working, geniuses. I start to feel inadequate. What am I doing wrong?

Son has worked on some of the activities from his shelves, but there are only a few he truly understands.

I changed his fine motor activity from the plastic spice container to a sugar shaker. He really sticks with it and completes it every time.

He also did some animal matching, which he "sort of" understood.
Then he did his first pouring activity. He is kind of getting the hang of it:

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