Friday, May 26, 2017

Painted Rock

Princess's nature journal:

We found a rock at the beach and on the back it challenged us to paint and hide more rocks:





Friday, May 19, 2017


One of our plans for this upcoming school year is to focus on handicrafts instead of throw away projects. Here Princess is after making her first 1800s style doll:

Reading our flower and tree guide at the park and trying to identify wild flowers:

One flower we found:

Son sanding and building a boat:

Our homeschool group end of the year party:

Fun with water beads:





Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Favorite Spot




Tall Tales

Serious about forming letters:

Sandbox fun:

Impromptu science:

We have snack time with a story every day. Currently reading:


Loving his new math book:



Busy Day

Butterfly lifecycle puzzle:

3 part cards:

Getting some fresh air:

Keeping busy:




Sunday Funday

Out for a walk and by walk I mean me chasing The Wiz down every path and driveway in sight:

The Wiz sorting some worms:

Trying out body surfing:

We spotted the guys walking back to the car:



Hawk Snake Ladybug Gator

A hawk on our play set eating a snake:

Lifecycle of a ladybug in clay:

Ladybug math:

Aphids and ladybug alphabet game:

And.....we found this hunk in the middle of the road:





Green Kids Crafts

I am waaaay behind on posting, but I've been trying to make a yearbook for the kids and it's been a lot of work. So the next 10 or so posts are going to be pretty much just photos:

This was a literacy activity Princess did using objects and matching to the corresponding word and also alphabetizing them;

We also bought a volcano box from Green kids crafts and did a volcano: