Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What We Did on Spring Break

We made a road with some duct tape:

Princess had her swimming lessons each day of the week:

We collected flowers for vases:

We did LOTS of school activities:

I reorganized my toy area:

Read the Noah story:

Played hospital:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hospital Twice

Princess got a letter in the mail from VPK last week or the week before about the coxsackievirus going around her school. I thought we were in the clear, but obviously I was wrong.

It's basically hand, foot and mouth disease. She got it first with a low grade fever, but severe mouth pain. Yesterday Son had a fever of 104 so I took him to the hospital. The ER was packed and I asked the nurse to take his temperature before I decided to stay. It was 102.2 so I decided to go home and wait it out. Hours later it was over 104 again so we went back. He had not gotten off the couch all day so that's mostly why I was concerned. He didn't even want to watch TV, he just stared at the ceiling when awake.

At the hospital the Wiz was a PUSTOL. Ripping every cord out of every place and just going wild!!!! Anyway they got his temp to 101 and confirmed it was the same virus.

Then we get home and The Wiz gets a 104. Of course I'm freaking out again and between the two of them I slept about one hour.

So... Here are the boys in the hospital once the mess kicked in:

And my girls stayed home together while we went to the hospital. Don't they look sweet?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Massive Overhaul

Our classroom activities have been crazy lately because I'm reorganizing other parts of the house and I haven't been planning any specific work. I mean a massive overhaul of EVERYTHING!!!!!! So I'm pretty much coming up with ideas on the fly.

The kids were working on their spelling puzzles the other day. Princess can have all the letters in front of her and easily find s the letters she needs, but I give Son just a few letters at a time because he has a hard time finding the correct letters when they're in a pile:

I was going through my themed bins and they took interest in the bird stuff. A few playdoh eggs and a few plastic Easter eggs later and we were in business:

Then I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday and found this black gravel. I thought it would be fun for cars. It STUNK like some sort of paint when I took it out of the bag, so I didn't let Son play with it very long. I also picked up those Easter egg floral picks that are in the background. Son had a good time sticking those in the floral foam and then later crumbling the foam into a million pieces all over my dining room floor:

I also picked up these tweasers and foam eggs at the Dollar Tree for a quick transferring activity. Messy hair don't care....

A lot of things happening here while I was racing around reorganizing all of our school supplies in the closet:

Winn Dixie has these cool animal cards that you get when you spend $20. I've been doing all my shopping there so we can collect all the cards. I'm kind of more into it than anyone I think:

What We have Been Up To

Princess and her block tower:

Took my babies to the park the other day to tire them out. Their internal clocks aren't adjusted to daylight savings time yet:

Son coloring while also playing his kindle:

It takes me an hour to vacuum. Can you guess why?

Messiest boy around. He takes one step outside and he's covered in mud. Every time!!!!

This guy lives for matching:

He requested ice for his penguin this morning:

Which turned into the whole Arctic:

Just a normal moment at dance class:

Here's what the boys do at dance class while we wait:

Monday, March 14, 2016

Game Changer

Our dining table has become our new classroom since The Wiz terrorizes any and all things that are within his reach. It's working out nicely though.

She has learned so much this past year in VPK. What a change in both school skills and maturity:

Son LOVES his game. I forget if I posted this the other day, but seriously I can actually take him in stores now. It's literally a game changer:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jack and Jack and Sis

At the end of February Sister, Wiz and I went to see Jack and Jack in Orlando. They don't allow video or photos so we only got one picture that a professional photographer took at the Meet and Greet and here it is:

It was the best day of her life!!!!!!


The Wiz posted this photo on Jack and Jack's website when we were purchasing the tickets and Jack Johnson reposted it. You can see that the photo got over 100,000 likes:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Run Like a Super Hero

Today we (Mama, Princess, Son and The Wiz) ran the super hero 5k in Palm Coast.

We slept in a hotel last night because the race started at 8 and we would have had to leave our house at 6:30 to make it in time. So thanks to Boss for the Marriott Rewards Points!!!

Here is Princess in her custom Super hero outfit:

And my boys. The Wiz wore a hand me down Spider Man muscle suit and Son wore a Super Man shirt. He was being a major party pooper and refused all other costumes:

In the middle of the race we dropped Son off with Sister due to his complaints about everything and anything while riding in the stroller. Then later we swung by to pick him back up, so I had all three of them for about half the race. Our final time was 44 minutes. Booooooo!!!! Lots of stopping, walking, fighting, crying was going on BUT we finished AND I had 10,000 steps on my Fitbit before 930 am:

Afterwards the kids jumped in the bounce houses and we're loving life:

Then did the kids super loop race. The Wiz was up first! He ran with the one and two year olds and showed them all up, but...My little spidey tried to take the obstacle course apart, so he had to skip that one:

The strong man portion:

Receiving his medal for complete and total race domination:

Son was next but did not complete the race due to a bad attitude! Booooooooooooo!

Then Princess was up. The other kids feared her:

Because she was awesome. Not even tired after having ran at least half the 5k:

The tires were a breeze:

She flew over this wall like the super hero she is:

This (the trip to Palm Coast and the race) was a lot of work but I'd do it again tomorrow because we had so much fun and I got lots of much needed exercise!

Loving School

Son has been loving school this week, especially anything involving glue:

He sorted money:

And worked on shapes and colors:

He LOVES flash cards:

Another gluing activity:

The Wiz is always desperate to get outside:

These mess makers: