Thursday, December 31, 2015


We got a bucket and pulley for Christmas and it has been a great addition to our play set...... But it has also caught a fights and been used in ways not originally intended !!!!

Here's our annual New Years Meal:

My goal for the New Year for my blog is to post 5 times per week.

A tad ambitious I suppose, but I will try!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Day

The Wiz chillin on his scooter:

And drinking some fresh beet juice:

I got Boss a battery organizer for Christmas and the babies helped with the installation. It hangs next to my Christmas present, a Dyson.

Speaking of gifts, Boss and I got Fitbits and we had a little completion yesterday for steps. I had to agree to lose or we would've been walking in circles at night. We both stopped after 15,000 with Boss winning of course.

Son and the Dentist

Son had his first trip to the dentist and he was so proud of his appointment:

New dentist with a pretty swanky office:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Vilano Palms

Villano beach has the palms on Main Street decorated so we took a walk to get a better look!! Here are our favorites:

Oh gosh.....

Deck the Chairs

While The Wiz and I were Christmas Shopping in Jacksonville, we stopped by the beach to see the Deck the Chairs event where lifeguard chairs are decorated in a bunch of cool ways:

He loved the pirate ship:

And the crooked house:

The Village People

We made our annual gingerbread house. The Boss was here for the first time to help. Good thing because I'm outnumbered at this point!!!

Sister hates me:

So does Son:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Slay Bells

We headed to another Digitour last week to meet some more Internet celebs!!! 

Daniel Skye

Alex from Target

Sam Pottorff

Grant Landis

Sammy Wilk

After he smooched her cheek

And Sammy posted this picture on Instagram of him and the Wiz and as of right now it has over 80,000 likes!!! 

The Wiz has gone viral!

85 in December

Surprise it's another hot day in Florida. My kids spent the day outside playing:

And we went to Spring Park to pretend like it's Christmas season even though it was hot outside:

Up and down these hills in two different directions the entire time:

Sister said to me " You do realize your kids are always dirty?" 

 I do. But that's the sign of a good day I think. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Chalkboard Wall

It's been almost a year since getting the house painted and this wall has been blank. Psalm 91 seemed like a great first thing to put on the wall and a perfect way to bring in the new year. "He will command his angels concerning you to guard you In all your ways".

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just Chillin

It DOES NOT seem like Christmas!!!!! I don't know if it's the weather or what, but this is the least Christmas-y I have ever felt. Maybe I got my shopping done too soon?????

Maybe it's because things have been hectic. Really hectic lately and I'm not sure why. Okay, yes I have three kids under five but BESIDES that I just feel like I'm spinning in circles going no where. Christmas time is about peace and I think with all the craziness, moments of peace are hard to come by.

Anyway, there is a small park behind our grocery store and sometimes I take the kids there to get their crazy out before we go get the groceries.

It's a small park and there are never kids there, so they tend to find odd things to do such as dig up the sidewalk:

Or eat it:

Today we decided to lay out in the yard with blankets. It was cold in the shade and hot in the sun today so it was hard to find a comfortable outfit:

Just much as these kids could chill:

Not my little Wiz though!!! He is a torpedo. He crawls super fast and is even pretty fast at walking now. He thinks he's so cool because he can walk in one direction, turn quick and walk the other way:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Smile Stick

Princess and her yard sale style. We picked up this Ralph Lauren dress for $3.00 and it was brand new:

We went for a little nature walk the other day. The Wiz is in a stage where I have to hold him AT ALL TIMES!!!! It's getting exhausting:

On the walk we found a stick in the shape of the smile:

Princess wrote a note to the fish:

My Dog in a Santa Hat

My thought of the moment????

I think I need a vacation. Not a long vacation. Just a two or three hour vacation. Or one hour. Or thirty minutes. Maybe just a 15 minute nap. Or a good night of sleep...

Anyway, we have a mix matched set of blocks that we love and yesterday we built some towers. Lots of fighting involved in these towers because Princess likes to build them and the boys like to knock them down. Notice the foot on the left hand corner of the photo. Son was on the prowl and took this tower down fast!!!!

And I bought a set of wood slices on Etsy from Castleblacksupply. I want everything they sell. We Love these!!

Hours of fun and a million ways to play:

And for your viewing pleasure: