Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bird Unit Sensory Bin

 Okay. It is miserably hot outside AND there are a million bugs that want to bite us BUT we ventured out to do a fun sensory bin for our bird unit. I filled the bin with bird replicas, feathers, a real nest and letters to spell bird:

Princess has hair issues. She hates to have it pulled up and she messes it up when I comb it and in her defense it is way too hot to worry about hair anyway:

I had scoops and spoons and bowls that they played with:

Son enjoyed scooping:

Princess loved to inspect the seed:

And she got into her work:

So did Son...not on purpose:

Well, maybe he did:

Practicing his spoon skills:

They took turns getting into the bin and NOT was a pushing and shoving and wrestling match:

Princess doing a 16 piece puzzle. Son and Gizmo are working in the background:

She is getting better at working independently:

Showing off her finished work:

A discovery basket I made for Son:

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