Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tree Hill Nature Center

How have I lived here for two years and not known about Tree Hill Nature Center? 

It is a wooded hiking area with an indoor exhibit that is well put together and interesting.

There was also a touch and feel area where you could touch fish and turtles and skulls and furs:

The Wiz was loving the shells:

Another room had a variety of stations with learning activities at each:

Son liked all the animals:

We went for a little hike and unfortunately it was my fault it was cut short. 

The day before we went hiking Son was protesting the fact that we were getting out of a swimming pool and was kicking and screaming. As I was carrying him out to the car I tripped on my dress. My dress was stretched out because it was soaking wet. It was soaking wet because after I had gotten all the kids and myself in dry clothes, Son ran into the pool, so I had to go in and drag him out. Anyway, when I tripped my toe got mangled up and it was and still is very painful to walk. So in the end, Boss and Princess ran a trail while the boys and I slowly walked a short distance.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Camp

Princess went to her first summer camp last week and was in a funny mood on day 1:

Boss was able to take her to camp so it was a family affair. He dressed up for the occasion:

She went to cooking camp and liked all the foods she made except the spaghetti. According to her she went to time out only once the whole week.

I was a tad worried that she would be getting sent home for misbehavior, but apparently she did great!!!!

Another Week Gone By

We have another trainiac in the house!!!!

The kids don't get ice cream often, but last week we were shopping and the ice cream place was right near our parking spot, so I did a little bribery to get them to continue walking to the car. It's like 95 degrees out and I always end up carrying two kids...

Son had an allergic reaction to pineapple. This was two days after the worst of it:

He was so cute lining up his chalk in rainbow order:

My beauty:

Son turned his brother into a human sticker book:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tye Dye Day

Son kept busy for over an hour sticking magnets on a muffin tin:

Don't worry. He repayed me later by taking everything out of my cabinet:

Meanwhile The Wiz fell asleep in his bouncer:

Later that night we tye dyed some shirts...and our hands (which apparently is IMPOSSIBLE to remove):

Here is Sis's creation:

Which she was not pleased with:

That's okay because when we washed it it completely faded so all we have to show for it is stained hands and feet!!!!

Lunch with Daddy

Princess has been desperate to feed some ducks and we did find some, but they didn't want to be fed. Luckily we went over to the Fountain of Youth and got to feed the peacocks:

Princess has also been asking to ride on her Daddy's shoulders. She saw a little girl doing just that and has wanted to ever since.

We managed to pull Boss away from work and make her dream come true:

Then we hit the fountain! Even Batman needs a sip from the Fountain of Youth:

Summmmmmer Timmmmme

I love getting out of the house. The days go fast and I don't feel like I'm cleaning all day. 

We hit the splash park on the beach to cool off:

And this little guys steals toys from other kids and then hides with them. He also snuck under the fence and took off onto the beach as fast as he could. I looked nuts chasing after him as usual:

I wrote some words in a notepad for Princess to sound out and I found Gizmo on the couch reading it. Note the word he is reading... It says "bad".  Hmmmm. I think he is smarter than I thought:

Last Week

Sis went to her 8th grade dance last week and looked so beautiful:

Princess wearing her teddy in my moby. She was grocery shopping around the house:

The Wiz is a smiler. Big time!!!

New Bikes

Princess scored a new bike when my mom came to visit last month. She rides like the wind up and down the driveway...fast!!!

Somehow Son conned the Boss out of a new bike too:

He kind of just sits on it and doesn't really ride. He's got a tool box attached on the back so he has a set of screwdrivers wherever he goes....which is basically a small section of the driveway.