Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Wiz

The Wiz had his first birthday this weekend. Usually we have a big first birthday party, but this time we decided to have a bigger 2nd birthday. Aka.... We have four kids and I just couldn't get it together in time.

But we had a great time with just "us". The Wiz celebrated with a raw vegan cake made of completely plant based foods. The icing was the regular sugar kind....

I tried so hard to get a photo of him with his balloon bouquet, but after 30 minutes I realized it wasn't gonna happen:

We went to the zoo for the day, which will be my next post. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

100 Days

Princess had to get a cavity filled on Wednesday so the boys played with IPads while we waited. Actually one played with IPads and one ran around the place like a mad man terrorizing everything he could especially the water bottle refrigerator:

Afterwards we headed to the park to blow some time before our next appointment...only the park was locked with a code and said Residents Only!!!! So we were forced to play in the parking lot staring pathetically at the playground behind the gates!!!

But who cares, we can have fun in a parking lot:

Our next appointment was Princess's first dance class. Doesn't she look beautiful:

Today Son has been playing with droppers a lot. He's been a real pistol lately so we spent the day at home working on learning to behave!!! We'll see how well our lessons went tomorrow when we attempt to go to the store.

Princess had her 100th day of school and here she is eating a necklace she made in celebration:

Sweet Caroline

We went to the Jacksonville Arboretum for a little hike today:

Checking out the lake with the gators:

There were some fun rocks to climb:

The Wiz is so pleased with himself:

Son was inspecting every bug he could find:

Princess is always on the hunt for collectors items:

Then, because I love carrying kids far distances, we went over to Fort Caroline to hike some more:

A rare all 4 photo:

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Doctor is In

Son has a style in his eye and went to the doctor to get it looked at. He's been doctoring up everyone in the house ever since:

Here's my clowns in Target playing on a patio set I would like to buy, but can't because I know within a week it would be a muddy, sandy nasty mess:

The eye:

Checking out the ampitheatre:

Princess's play doh creation:

Son uses all the man stuff for his sculptures:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meditation on the Trail

Yesterday we headed out to the farmers market and then had lunch at Anastasia State Park. I forgot that they charge $8.00 to get in there and it kind of ticks me off every time.... But anyway, after lunch we played at the playground.

The Wiz climbs up the ladder and slides down on his belly all by himself:

I put Sis in charge of my wild man:

Who kept heading into the woods, which gave me the idea to go hiking. (Sis was thrilled):

So we got in the car and went down the road a bit to our hiking trail:

Taking a break and meditating????

Over by the ampitheatre there are tons of turtles:

I just love these things. Not sure what they are called:

Sis and Son had a slower pace:

Princess collected some nature items, which blew apart and flew all around my car, causing me to have to clean it. Which worked out becaus Boss got in my car the next day and complimented me on the cleanliness of my car. If he only saw it the previous day...yikes!!!

After the hike we slugged this juice which is an acquired taste due to the turmeric, but to me it's goooooood:

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fort Picnic

Two months ago Princess saw a family having a picnic at the fort downtown. She's been talking about having a picnic there ever since.

Yesterday was Sister's birthday and she had pizza so I just took the leftovers and BAM Princess had her dream come true!!!

This photo was taken seconds before the unthinkable happened. The Wiz rolled in dog poop!!!! We were going to go in the fort and have a good time, but it pretty much ended our party right there!!

As far as Sister's birthday, it was just a family party. I was unable to take any pictures at the time... Sorry Dad...long story.

She turned 15 and is saving her money to meet Cameron Dallas and one more person who is yet to be determined.

I can't begin to express what a beautiful and special young lady my daughter is. She helps me so much with the babies and I am blessed to have her. I couldn't ask for a better daughter.

She got cool letter balloons as part of her decorations and at least I got a photo of those:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finally Cold

We got a lot of art supplies for Christmas because I like things we can do, but also get used up so we are not accumulating more and more things. Consumable items I call them.

So we got a painting set that had banks and we painted them, but I'll have to add a pic of the finished product later:

We also got a critter carrier for Christmas. We caught a lizard and well, we need to figure out how to properly care for a lizard. I'm sorry to this little guy who didn't make it:

Princess in her Brave costume and her new head piece:

We Finally had a cold day today and we met some friends for a play date: