Thursday, July 31, 2014

What it Feels Like to be a Bird

Today we did a life-sized bird's nest sensory bin.
 I covered a pool with a tan blanket and filled it with shredded paper, feathers, twigs and plastic eggs.
I wanted the kids to see what it feels like to be a bird:
I think Princess thought we were egg hunting because she started opening the eggs at a frantic pace:
Some of the eggs were filled with coins, rice, or dried beans so they would make noise. I hot glued them together. Son loves the sounds:
My two little birds shared the nest. I had planned to feed them a few gummy worms, just like a mamma bird would, but SOMEONE got into my stash and ATE THEM ALL before we did this activity:
I'm sorry about this, but my baby birds got into a big fight over eggs and space in the nest:
Here is Son trying to push his sister out:
 I told Princess to make her best bird face and this is what she did. I think it is perfect. Wish I had those worms to feed her: 

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