Sunday, July 1, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 24

I didn’t take any photos today. I think I’ve reached photo burnout. I’ve posted photos for 23 days straight and that is a lot for me. Besides that, today was somewhat uneventful.

We went to the swim store to buy Princess a new suit. Technically we have two but one is way to big. So this will be her second suit, but her competition suit. I got her another online so she has two for practice and one for races. The one that is too big I will save for next year.

We went to Friendlys to eat. Sis has been talking about Friendlys forever. Her and I used to go there often and I don’t think there were any in Florida. Anyway it was a strange Friendlys because it was really small and the air conditioning was broken so the whole thing was just uncomfortable. But she got her Friendlys and maybe we can try again sometime.

We played outside for a little while but mostly stayed in. Getting ready to get back in the grind tomorrow requires rest (for me). 

The Wiz, aka the toughest kid to potty train ever, is making serious progress. I don’t think we’ve had an accident in three days and today for the first time, he came and told me he had to poop.

Wooooohoooooo!!!!! This is life changing. If he goes for a month with no accidents I can finally go back to the gym. He got too big for the baby area, but wasn’t potty trained so he couldn’t go to the big kid area. It’s been like 6 months since I’ve been able to go... maybe more!!!!