Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Play Time

We headed out to My Gym on Tuesday for some free play.

Wish I had this in my house:

The Wiz is actually standing here and holding on to an exercise ball:

Son doing his best Daniel Tiger impersonation. Grrrrrrrrrr:

The Wiz is so stinking cute:

Monday, March 23, 2015

For the Birds

I got these cute baby bananas and Princess loves them. Just her size:

On Friday we went to practice our Tball skills. I'm planning on signing Princess up in the fall:

Son getting a lesson on how to hold the bat:

 It was hot outside. Florida is annoying like that. It's snowing in the northeast and we are sweating to March. 

Surely there is a happy medium.

Boss says it's Colorado.

Back to's raining so....

We got out our bird stuff to celebrate spring:

Our once organized and well-planned school lessons have turned into this:

We still learn, but it's more of a free for all. We've gone from the most organized learning of Montessori, to the least organized learning, which is unschooling. Letting everyone find out what interests them and going with the flow. No plans, no prepared lesson. Just fun and accidental learning.

I kind of like it. It's easier and less stressful to be honest. Plus, with three kids under four, it's all I can manage at this point:

The Wiz is totally into unschooling:

So is Sis:

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Somehow I lost my mind the other day and took our group to Barnes N Noble. Son went crazy for the trains (as if he doesn't have two train tables at home). He hoarded all the trains, would not share with other kids and I had to drag him out kicking and screaming. Five employees swarmed me trying to "help". They just wanted us out. FAST!!!

Here he is before it all went down:

I found Princess smiling while reading:

Something about being a man makes him want to drink a beverage and stare at something he finds fascinating:

Yesterday we painted stepping stones for the yard:

Here is Princess's final project. This is before her brother threw it and smashed it on the floor:

The Wiz looking fresh:

His first real smile was this week too:

And then there is this. Climbers are gonna climb. I think I'm done fighting it:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thomas the Train Part 2

There are a few moments in the day when all of the kids are getting a long. Very few.....

But here are the babies being kind to one another for a brief moment:

We were headed out to see Thomas the train so Son got a quick buzz:

And I finally got them working around here. One day this job will get done without me having to even go outside. Woohoo!!!!

Princess started gymnastics and Son has a hard time watching the class, so we went puddle jumping and did our own gymnastics class:

So we drove to Tampa on Friday to see Thomas the Teain in real life. Unfortunately almost every photo got deleted. Here's what is left:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Day in the Life

In the past 24 hours:

I have been peed on twice.

I've been vomited on three times.

I've cleaned poop from places it should have never been.

I cleaned up 4 puddles of liquid. I could only identify three of them. 

My dog ran away and I had to drag three babies to go find him. Twice.

Son was crying and I couldn't get him dressed so I gave him a chocolate covered pretzel. He chose to wipe his chocolate hands all over my outfit. Did I mention that I only have ONE outfit that is not too big or too small right now, so I had to go to the store with maternity pants on that are too big and have a hole in them.

I went to the store and two of the three kids in my car were screaming so loud that I was afraid to go in. I had to call Boss to come and help me. 

In the middle of the night Princess woke me up in a rage.

Son got up too and Boss went to take care of him. 

Woke up another three times to breastfeed.

And then this:

Yes that is dog food. Everywhere!

On the other hand:

We had a really fun dance party.

The kids played outside for hours and had a great time.

My baby peacefully slept in my baby carrier.

People complimented me on his good looks.

I lost a pound since yesterday.

I didn't have to cook dinner last night.

Sis spent the night with a friend and went to Starbucks, had ice cream and went bowling.

I got about 100 kisses.

Son cuddled me and the Boss this morning so sweetly.

It has been perfect weather.

Last night after Princess went in a rage she came back to my room to say "I love you so much mommy".

My baby barely makes a sound at night and only wakes up to eat. I know he's hungry because he snorts like a baby piggy.

We read lots of books today.

Princess can recite one of them almost perfectly and " read " a story to her brother after the grocery store mishap.

I felt the joy a God the whole day.

And now this:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Week in Review

As I type this I have to report that all three babies are asleep.


Hold on.

Wooooooo. Hoooooooo!!!!

I love them so so much, but peace and quiet...even for 5 minutes is a precious thing and I am loving it.

So in my few moments of silence I share some pictures from the week.

Here is Princess looking like a better version of her mama at Tropical Smoothie.

And THIS is why we don't go to restaurants:

A few days ago I lovingly made a chocolate banana smoothie for Boss and we took it to him at work. I chose to take a shortcut, but there was an accident and a 20 minute trip turned into an hour long trip. 

EVERYONE in the car was screaming. 


So after we delivered the smoothie, the boys fell asleep. When we got home I didn't want to ruin the moment, so Princess and I read books and talked and she made funny faces with an ice pack. It was so fun and I completely forgot about the stressful time stuck in traffic... Well almost.

My little gamers before bed. Boss has been sleeping in Son's room because he isn't quite able to console himself back to sleep yet. So the kids watched a movie in Boss's bed while we cleaned the house.

Son playing with his new trains:

His first selfie. I need to clean my front camera:

Sis on her way to the fair with friends:

I got out some rocks before bed the other night and Son was thrilled:

Eating one more piece of his birthday cake:

Princess and I went walking yesterday and she was not pleased with my photo taking. Here she is in her 15th outfit of the day:

The Wiz. He hangs out in my moby almost always:

A little Zen garden action:

Princess at the park today. Some people wait in line to go down the slide. She makes her own line and climbs up:

Here's The Wiz in deep thought. He's a genius I tell you:

Also, we did some painting outside. It was a great time, but I'm debating if it was worth it. The mess that was made inside and outside was overwhelming. I'm one handed most of the time and...I am Tiiiiirrreeed!

The Wiz supervising: