Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kindergarten Book Report

About two years ago I bought about 50 big teacher books on Craigslist! This book was one I had purchased, so we decided this should be Princess's first book report.

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.

We did a few activities to go with the book too:

Learning to cut a strawberry:

We played hide the strawberry where one person had to be the big hungry bear and one was the mouse!!! They loved this game:

This is our replica for the story:

And we made strawberry shortcake desserts:

Here is how the book report turned out:


I picked up these alphabet puzzles from the thrift store a week ago.

I've been thrifting a lot.


I just love getting educational toys and puzzles for next to nothing. Son was putting the puzzles together and Princess was labeling them with the correct letter:

And guess who loves to tear apart our classroom calendar?

Here are my angels working on Little Red Riding hood. It's a logic puzzle that has challenges to complete.

Kite Flying on Father's Day

On Father's Day the kids and Dad flew a kite.

One person was walking around causing trouble:

Princess was the only person in Florida wearing a jacket:

Her kite watching pose:


We went to the local science museum and these photos were all I could manage because they we all running everywhere and it was a lot of work and extreme melt stressful.... But fun. Did I mention fun?

Penguin Power

 I made my little guy a freezing cold sensory bin because it is so hot outside. He loves the cold cold water.

Even though it's hot I have been trying to run these guys outside to burn some energy every day:

On Saturdays Michaels has a craft project for kids. You can shop around while they do the craft!!!!! Woohoo! A free half hour in a store!!! Well, free if you count the fact that I still have one baby with me, but that's two less than normal:

This is Son's favorite activity. He really does this about 5 times a day. P.S. He loves Texas:

A little phonics bingo:

Sticker Dressing

Usborne Sticker Hero Dressing has been a great lesson and tons of fun for these guys. They've already completed the book and loved the corresponding stories:

I picked up this math set from Princess's Scholastic Book Fair during VPK and she really enjoys it:

This guy:

Destructo Baby

We picked up some indoor sandboxes from the thrift store and they are a hit:

And Target's Dollar Spot has been killing it with great educational activities:

P.S. I used to try to ensure the background of my photos were nice and neat... Ugh yeah. I'm over that. This is how it looks during the day due to chaos. I "try" to straighten up our school materials after each day, but....

And while we are in the Dining room working on our school work... My favorite baby in the world is doing this:


We got an awesome science kit for Kindergarten and we have done about 3 or 4 experiments already. This one involved making a solution and a chemical reaction to make "worms".

They love the science experiments so much and would like to do one every day, but two a week is my goal:

Human Anatomy

The kids have been working on anatomy with this human anatomy puzzle that came in our kindergarten curriculum:

We also have the Usborne Look Inside My Body Book and the Human Organs Toob. It's fun the learn the name of organs and match them up:

And another cute baby photo from the light table at the children's museum:

Starting School Already

We started our Kindergarten curriculum that we got from Timberdoodle and we love love love it.

Princess is burning through the math and handwriting programs and we've done a few art projects too.

Here is her Djeco pop collage:

I thought this was a good project because it gives you an example and you kind of try to make a replica.

Another item they love from the curriculum is Pajaggle.

Here is Princess working on quantity:

And a cute baby: