Monday, September 18, 2017

Utz Chip Factory

Some Egyptian art


Turkey Hill Experience




I am so behind on posts!!! I like to keep a lot of my favorite photos on here but now I've gotten so far behind, I'm not even sure what I've posted. Uggggghhhh!

These are a few recent outings:

Robinson Nature Center Anniversary celebration:

Unsure where I took this:

Wheaton Park:

Brookside Nature center:

We found a hawk?????



Monday, September 11, 2017

Elle et six ans

Princess turned 6 years old with a French birthday party. We are learning French and she really wanted a French party.


Dear Princess,

I am pretty sure we are twins both inside and out. Except for your live of cleaning---I know EXACTLY where you got that.

You love to pretend things and make caves and castles with all of my pillows and blankets and baskets and buckets. You dismantle my living room daily to make it your own magical world.

You love hiking and collecting treasure outside. And holy moly are you smart! You surprise me so often with the ideas you have and the thoughts you wonder about.You love Jesus and have been asking deep questions about life and death... all of which I feel ill equipped to explain.

Your favorite food is steak and sushi and ice cream.

You like to read Amelia Bedelia.

You got a hamster for your birthday named Sweetie and she is a perfect hamster if there ever was one.

I love you baby and the best part of my day is when you wake up and cuddle in my arms. Oh how I will miss that someday.



Nature art:

Botanical garden:

Making a spice sachet:

Outside a log cabin:



Friday, September 8, 2017

Sunflower Field



A New Trail

We headed out yesterday to meet our new teacher for Princesses nature class this semester. A great view:

And the previous day we found a new trail to explore:



First Class Day

We signed up for several classes at nature centers and today the kids each had a class at different centers... so we got mud on us today from two different forests: