Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"C" Sensory Bin

We are working on the letter "C' this week, so I made a sensory bin with things that start with "C". The Princess LOVED this. I provided her with 2 different scoops and an extra bowl. She played with it for nearly an hour. It was so awesome.

She found so much joyin running her fingers through the corn.

And scooping it into little tea cups that I bought here. There are so many great Montessori toys at Ikea. I wish we had them all.
 We also did this animal matching game that I printed from 1+1+1=1 and then laminated it of course.

We also sorted rocks by size. Big and Small. 
The Princess had a lot of fun with these rocks. First she sorted them and then she lined them up, carried them around....and cried when we had to put them away. I am going to put them on her shelf again tomorrow since she had so much fun today.

Son has been playing with wooden fruit from our Melissa and Doug Grocery Store. Bananas and eggs are his favorites right now.

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