Monday, August 19, 2013


I recently purchased a laminator and I AM IN LOVE!
How is it possible that I have lived 36 years and have never laminated anything? I have been missing out on one of life's greatest joys and I didn't even know it.
I have been laminating so many things that I already ran out of laminator sheets.
Flash cards
Paper puzzles
Money (see below)
Sight words
You name it and I have laminated it. I want to laminate EVERYTHING...including stuff that is already laminated.
I might have a problem. I suppose there are worse problems to have. I had a friend who was addicted to labeling things. She even labeled her refrigerator. At least I don't do that.
I wonder if you can laminate a refrigerator.....
Today's activities:
Stacking Pegs.
These pegs push into a soft mat. It is HARD to get them in there, so The Princess mostly likes to stack them up after I push a few into the map. She really enjoys this. Later on we can use this activity to line up the colors in rows. This definitely helps with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

I bought these big bills at the Dollar Tree. I laminated them (woohoo) and then had her sort them. I just used 5's and 1's at first and then pulled out some 10's. The Princess seemed to enjoy this a lot.
Operating a dropper:
For this activity, you can just use 2 shot glasses, a dropper, and some food coloring. I made green water and then tried to show her how to use the dropper. She couldn't really do it, but she enjoyed pouring the water back and forth. She did attempt to use the dropper this time. Last time she had no interest, so we will try again soon.
See the funny story about this activity below...

So was laying on the floor taking this cute picture of Son playing with his puzzle and I felt something very cold on my back. It took a second, but I realized that I had been green-water bombed by a 1 year old. She noticed I wasn't paying attention to her and went on the attack. cute is this little guy?

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