Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess

Name: Princess a.k.a Little Puddin, Bear
Age: 2!!!!!!
Height: 39 Inches (A guess until we go to the doctor).
Bedtime: 7:30pm
Favorite Drink: Milk, Lemonade
Favorite Activity: Climbing on Everything! Playing with kids
Favorite Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
Favorite Food:  French Fries, Hot dogs, Steak, Bananas, Lucky Charms, Cheese
Favorite Playground Ride: Slide
Favorite Toy: Puzzles, Plastic Animals
Favorite Accessory: Princess Crown (Upsidedown).
Favoritie Movie: Life at the Pond.
Favorite Song: Today is the Day
Favorite Animal: Dogs (Pup-pups)
Favorite App: Animal Puzzle Lite
Favorite Saying: Oh No, What?
Favorite Youtube Video: Shake Your Sillies Out
This year we decided that instead of a party we would just go to the Jacksonville Zoo. It was our first time visiting and we had a lot of fun despite the fact that it was HOT. The giant otter was The Princess's favorite animal and the rest of the family liked the monkeys and gorillas. She really enjoyed playing in the splash zone, on the giant elephant sculpture, and on the playground.
Enjoy the pictures of her special day:

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