Friday, August 23, 2013

Flower Arranging Activity

 Today we decided that we wanted to do a flower arranging activity. So first we went out to the yard to select some flowers.

The Princess smelled them first.

I cut the flowers and she mostly ran around the yard pointing at things. Here's how I set the activity up.
 Since she loves pouring, she poured the water into the vase and back again a bunch of times. There was too much water left to actually put into the vase after she was done "filling the vase".
Everything kind of went crazy when we started to put the flowers into the vase. Picture petals flying and flowers smushing. I lost pictures of that. Sorry.
When we finished, it looked like this:
We moved the flowers onto the shelf where our class plant and class fish sit. I just moved the fish to our classroom this morning. He is still alive, but its only been an hour. I will update this post later with his photo while he is still in his tank (he could end up on the floor at any moment).
Here's how it is suuposed to be done: Complete Montessori Flower Arranging Activity Instructions 

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