Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eat Dirt

Today at Humble Hearts we made dirt cupcakes. It was VERY VERY messy. Much messier than I imagined and much messier than these pictures depict. The mess mostly happend AFTER making the treat. I was in too much of a panic to document the chaos with photos. So just imagine chocolate covered hands on a running toddler...and you are right there with me.
Sister was nice enough to help out today. I'm guessing this is because chocolate was involved.

First we made some pudding.
The Princess excels at mixing.

And eating chocolate.
After we made the pudding, we put it into these baking cups that look like little flower pots. They are from Brand Castle and they have the best baking kits for kids!
A few years ago Sister wrote them a letter because we loved these baking cups so much and they sent us some really neat stuff in the mail.
So after we put the pudding in the pots, we crushed the Oreos and sprinkled them on top to look like dirt. Here is the Princess putting a gummy worm on the top for extra pizzazz.
piz·zazz or pi·zazz or piz·zaz (p-zz)
n. Informal
1. Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair.
2. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement
Hmmm...I have never used that word before. This dessert must be super special.
Now here is Sister enjoying the fruits of her labor.
Here is the part where you imagine the chocolate covered running todder.
 The End.
* Note: In these photos the Princess is wearing the apron I made in 7th grade Home Ec class. Do they even have Home Ec anymore??????

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