Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Outside Again

A few months ago we bought this playground set off of Craigslist and we got a great deal!!! 

Boss had to take it apart at the sellers house and reassemble it at ours, so it was a ton of work, but he did a wonderful job.

 He had to replace some of the wood, so some parts are not finished in stain yet, but it is ready for playing:

One of our favorite things to do is to push cars down the slide:

Son and Princess both love the rock wall:

I put some tree stumps, rocks and a cast iron pot in the play house area and they love to play there now too. I also added our kitchen set (after this photo) so they can make mud pies: 

Now we spend more time in the yard since it is cooler outside:

Son loves going in the woods and the high grass. It drives me crazy because he goes far into the trees:

We go searching for tracks all the time:

Son is into rock collecting or in this case, piece of the road collecting:

We found these pretty flowers on a tree outside:

Gizzy even gets out with us at times:

Son constantly climbs this tree in the yard:

And this is what December in Florida looks like:

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