Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Christmas Happenings

A couple days ago we made some Christmas cookies. Icing and sprinkles were spread throughout my house. 

Note: The Boss was not home. 

Princess loves squishing and eating icing. It's one of her favorite hobbies:

Son is a baker at heart. He has an eye for detail when it comes to decorating baked goods:

We went to see The Grinch show today at church. Son pretty much was not willing to sit and watch the show, so he and I went to play with some good ole Florida snow:

Here he is decorating a Whoville tree:

Our swim school has blow up characters scattered around the building and my babies love Mickey:

At the mall, while Sis did some Christmas shopping, we rode the train....and guess who we ran into while riding? Sis!!!! We made a point to yell her name and embarrass her:

Son enjoying the pop he got from the conductor:

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