Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Internet in Real Life

  Sis and I traveled to Orlando yesterday to go to Digitour. Aka the internet in real life. This is our second Digitour event, but the first time we went, our photos didn't come out well.

This is Trevor Moran. He is a Youtuber who is a member of a group called o2L. He was also on XFactor. 

The cool thing is that we met him once before and he remembered Sister. She just about went crazy when he said he remembered her. Maybe I can post the video later:

Sammy Wilk:

I have to wait for Sis to get home from school to identify some of the other people:

Andrea Russett:

In front of the stage:

The bus:

Personally the ride there was fun for me. I love seeing Sis so excited. I also loved when Trevor remembered her.

Bonus: I got to go to Barnes n Noble by my self while she stood in line. I never get to go into stores alone anymore, so the quiet time was nice.

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