Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Wiz's 2nd Birthday

My baby is two!!!!!!

How can this be? This is part 1 of the birthday. I will post the rest tomorrow.

Age: 2

Nickname: woo woo. Wooter. Billy. 

Favorite toy: dinosaurs

Favorite activity: Climbing on everything

Favorite Tv show: Curious George. Also loves to play on PBS Kids website.

Favorite food: Cashews. Doesn't function in the morning before his cashews.

My dear baby,

Your smile is so bright it melts my heart every day. It's impossible to be mad at you even when you destroy things at lightening speed!!!! You do everything in full force with every muscle and ounce of power you have. From throwing a ball to shutting a door, you make yourself known! You never stop moving and don't miss a beat, especially if something is left unsecured. You climb like no other and give me heart attacks HOURLY!!!! I've truly never known anyone like you. Surely you will be awesome at life because, well, how could you not? You are the spitting image of your Dad, perhaps that is why you are the apple of his eye. I love you and all your wild ways. Thank you for blessing our family with your funny antics and your 100 watt smile. Be awesome, Son.





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