Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Son

All Son wanted for his birthday was to go fishing. It was his first time and he got a new Spider man fishing pole. 

Here's the birthday boy:

Dearest Son,

You are such a sweet boy. You are very caring and gentle and kind. You love puzzles and fixing things and tools. You are the best helper when it comes to jobs around the house. I love reading books with you at night and doing your schoolwork with you in the day. You are incredibly stubborn and demanding too and I feel like you are going to have one patient wife to take care of you.... but she will because she will fall in love with your precious smile, your good looks and your gentle spirit. You are definitely a computer nerd and a true mans man. I love being your mom because you brighten my live every day. 


Age: 4

Nickname: Supie, Buddy

Favorite thing to do: play computer, climb trees, puzzles

Favorite movie: Annie, Wizard of Oz

Favorite Show: Dinosaur King
 Favorite food: smoothies!!!!!!! Lots and lots of smoothies!!!!!




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