Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Already

It’s Thursday already!!!! This week is flying by. We started a few new classes this week and I’m getting used to the schedule. We have something scheduled every day and most days two things. 

We have swim team, math club, nature class, horse care class, Girl Scouts, Church group, animal and reptile class, all the classes we take at the library -which vary-and we are starting 4h next month....and possibly basketball. Others we are considering are violin, art, and gymnastics. So we stay busy!!!! 

We made candles before school on Tuesday:

We are taking a class once a month to learn about caring for horses. We are also considering fostering a horse, which would involve going to take care of the horse for a few hours each week. 

The weather has been great so we’ve been outside a lot. Here’s a cute caterpillar:

A giant in a fairy garden:

I took the boys to the playground tonight!!! Usually we don’t like to go out late, but tonight we did... and by late I mean 6:30:

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