Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flour Everywhere

There are things you do when the Boss is home and things you don't. 

Where I see beauty and fun... He sees a mess. 

Well guess what... The Boss wasn't home So....here's what happened:

I was at my least favorite store last week (Wal Mart) and a sale item caught my eye. A huge bag of flour for like $1.88 or something. Of course I bought it.

Now I don't use flour as we "try" to stay away from gluten (okay minus bagels) BUT what I saw was not flour to eat but my plastic baby pool filled with an awesome pile of fluffiness.

And so it was...

I got out measuring cups for a lesson on measuring, but not much measuring actually happend:

Just playing for a good while, which is fine by me. I even got pretty covered in it too. I just hosed everyone off before the Boss came home and all was good. He didn't suspect a thing. Muahahahahah...

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