Tuesday, June 19, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 12

I didn’t take many photos today because 

1. We had a lonely, lovely, lazy, silly day.

2. My phone wasn’t exactly charged today. 


3. I spent two hours at a the dentist and my mood wasn’t the best. 😄

After the dentist did schoolwork. We are studying Maine and here’s a fun fact:

Maine produces 99% of the blueberries in the country. Who knew? It only produces 90% of lobster.

So we made Maine blueberry muffins:

I have to take a photo of the actual muffins tomorrow. We learned the difference between liquid measuring and solid measuring.

We were going to choose a lobster from the store to cook, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

After school we just played and rode scooters:

Then we headed to the pool. We were there about 30 minutes before the thunder and had to leave.

At swim team they took a team photo:

Wiz ran me into the ground. He kept running out of the pool area over and over again. I also got bit by tons of mosquitoes at the pool. The Wiz fell asleep on his own at 7:15. He must have exhausted himself.

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