Sunday, June 17, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 10

Pretty much all the museums and parks we go to we get in for free. Pretty much all the events we go to are also free. I feel like I’m winning something when I get free admission to a venue. in CHEAPSKATEVILLE. 

I had free options, but due to the fact that I had my dog AND that it was Sunday AND that our time was limited....the ONLY free thing we could squeeze out of Lancaster, PA was a trip to Dutch Haven Bakery to get a free piece of shoo fly pie.... it’s something, right?

We got to see TONS of horse and buggies on the road....HEY THATS FREE TOO:

Then we got take out from Hershey Farm and met my Dad for lunch:

Sorry Dad!!! Why didn’t we get a photo of you and the kids?

There was a playground outside so the kids had fun even though it was hot!!!!!!

Also lots of ducks and geese!!!

Then we headed over to the Amish Farm and had a great time. We couldn’t do the tour because no way my kids would’ve been able to stick with it. We did the farm only option and it was $6.00 for the kids, $7.00 for me and The Wiz was free. Sis stayed in the car with Gizmo—-Sorry Sis. She said it was too hot any. I think it was nearly 90 degrees.

Got to watch this cutie drink from a bottle:

Tobacco Barn:

I may have fell in love:

These pedal cars were awesome. If we had time they could have done this for an hour or more:


We saw a family of baby ducks at a stream:

One room school:

They tried an Amish buggy. Sometimes I like to squeeze my face in a photo so they don’t think some Nanny is running them around the world to all these fun things. 

It was me, kids——and I’m freaking exhausted.

Love, Mom

Okay, again, this scooter track was sooooo fun! I gave it a try too and we seriously could’ve spent serious time doing just this:

Milking a fake cow gave these kids a lot of laughs:

The Amish Farm was worth every cent. I would’ve paid more. We had so much fun. Definitely have some ideas for another Lancaster trip in the future.

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