Tuesday, June 12, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 5

This morning. 4 beds in the cabin and 4 people slept in one of them!!! All that after fighting over the top bunk which no one slept in anyway:

Running down to the trampoline:

Found lots of these little guys:

Hiking to the Assateague lighthouse:

175 steps to the top:

Exact moment she lost a flip flop.

This is a statue of Misty, the book about Chincoteague we have been reading that we may never finish:

Stopped off at NASA facility:

Raced home just in time for swim team practice. My babes are in the far right corner all the way at the other side of the pool:

Note: if camping with 4 kids is tough.... cleaning up/ laundry dealing with the aftermath is far worse!!!!!! Not looking forward to washing all that stuff.

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