Monday, June 11, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 4

Oh what a day!!!! 

First of all EVERYTHING we have is soaking wet. Second, it is freezing and I barely brought any warm things! We went to Chincoteague National Refuge today and it was cold, wet and windy, but AMAZING!

We found an AWESOME horseshoe crab on the beach:

So many birds out here:

We spotted the wild ponies, you can really see them in the 2nd photo:

We got a few shells at a roadside shop:

A family out crabbing have us a lesson. This one was too small and had to be returned:

We saw a million snails:

And baby crabs:

We went to two different visitors centers:

The beach was pretty, but way too cold and windy:

We also did some swimming:

The water was so high:

We did some shopping too and had delicious fudge at a store called Pony Tales:

Due to the rain,there was no way we could camp again. This was the safari tent option at the Koa campground. It was so beautiful but they don’t allow pets:

So we ended up getting a cabin. Instead of staying two more night we will only stay one now due to price. It’s a shame because the weather is going to warm up. I have lots of info and ideas for next time. Usually I hate going places twice, but I feel like we missed out on a lot because of weather and my best friendBoss not being here to experience it with us. Here’s our cabin:

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