Tuesday, June 26, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 19

I love morning swim practice. It seems so fresh and happy. Having said that, I’m not the one in the water. I kind of wish I was the one on swim team—-if the water was warm. 

We went to REI this morning to get two items for Princess summer camp tomorrow. I was saving my $34.00 dividend for myself, but like always my babies come first. So basically we got a free hat and water bottle. Saw these geese pass us on the way.

We went bike riding in the afternoon just at a school. I didn’t realize today was an Election Day. Every school seemed like a polling place. We finally found an empty parking lot. I’d take them to ride but I don’t have a bike and I need somewhere for Wiz to play while the big kids ride around.

Wiz literally ran back and forth between baseball fields....

At evening swim practice the kids got their relay ribbons from last week. Princess’s team actually got 2nd and Son’s got 3rd but the 1st place team was disqualified so their teams moved up in rank. Princess was happy to score her 1st first place, even if it was by default.

For fun I might start posting some Timehop photos. Here was a picture taken two years ago today:

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