Wednesday, June 20, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 13

As I mentioned yesterday we made Maine Blueberry muffins. Here’s Son being silly this morning with his breakfast. And yes, we wear snowman jammies in June:

Wiz loves his board:

Today was our first morning swim practice. This is how I spent my time:

Son at swim practice not putting his head in:

After we went to practice we went to a pool that had an obstacle course. It was a nightmare. I had to pay to get in, which I did. The lady who took my money said the kids had to be 6 to do the course, but since Son was 5 and he is big, he could go on. 

Long story short, after we paid, they changed their minds and said he could not go on the obstacle course. 


Wiz was already in the baby pool which was not all that clean and I had to take him out to go out Son who was loudly pleading his case to the lifeguard.

Wiz starts crying because he had to get out of the pool to go get his brother. With both boys loudly crying I had to get Princess off of the obstacle course and then she was upset.

It was a nightmare because I had two crying boys, 1 complaining girl AND I had to collect and carry  all of our pool stuff with all that happening.

I will NEVER go back to that pool again....not that they’d let us back anyway:

In an effort to save the day, there was a park next door, which we went to. But after 15 minutes it started POURING so we had to go home:

Since we are studying Maine, we went to the store to choose lobsters:

I tricked the boys and got small lobster tails instead. Son——who eats a very small variety of foods apparently LOVES lobster. Of course he does! So now his food choices have expanded to:

Fruit, rice, carrots, noodles, cheese, smoothies, pbandj, hot dogs, fries, pizza, steak, and lobster:

Then we went outside to play:

Look at my mowed grass:

We then went to the pool AGAIN just because we can:

Son is into wearing life jackets for some reason. Tomorrow is our first day of two swim practices so I’m imagining half of my day will be spent at the pool in some capacity:

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