Monday, June 18, 2018

30 Days of Summer Day 11

Oprah has a column in the back of her magazine every month called “What I Know for Sure”. It’s the only part of the magazine I ever read, but it’s always pretty good. I read it in line in the grocery store if I manage to go in by myself. Anyway, what I know for sure this week is that I am a bit tired of running around and I’m hoping to stay close to home for a while. Plus I’m kind of broke and can’t afford to go out anyway. 😧

So today we went back to studying our states. We are learning Maine right now, but we were excited to add an Amish Buggy to our map. We are adding pictures of places we go or places we study to help us learn the states and their landmarks a bit easier.

We were also kind of lazy and laid in bed to watch some TV:

Meanwhile, Little Sweetie enjoyed a strawberry:

Son loves doing sticker by number art. He’s pretty good at it and can sit and work on it for a good while without getting bored:

We did out Bible lesson outside and had lunch on the porch today:

Son listened from under the table:

Then we were off to the pool. We got lucky and found the shoes we forgot in the lost and found:

See that pole behind Wiz....He ran straight into it. Notice his head:

Apparently he wasn’t worried Bout the pole:

Thunder ruined swim practice so they played out of the pool games:

Princess scored some ribbons from the meet.

She got her fastest times in back and free. 

She also got third overall in back and fourth overall in free:

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