Sunday, March 4, 2018

Son is 5

We went to Hyper Kidz to celebrate Son’s 5th birthday!!!! 

Age: 5

Nickname: Supie

Favorite food: peanut butter smoothie

Favorite Movie: Bible movies

Favorite: color: Blue

Favorite Toy: Kindle fire


You are so so sweet. A loving boy with a good heart. You ask a million questions every day and at least 100,000 have to do with your smoothie. You always want whatever toy anyone else has as you “were going to play with it first” or so you say. You love playing the IPad and another 100,000 of your questions are “when can I play “the board”?” That’s what you call it. You wake up and run to me with a big smile every morning and love to read your Bible at night. Your smile melts my heart. You are a good boy who loves to get cleaning jobs around the house (as long as a spray comes with the job I.e windex, air fresheners....) You also love fixing stuff with Dad. Thank you for being such a sweet and caring boy. I love you so so much.



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