Saturday, December 23, 2017

25 of 30

I got a day off!!!! Boss watched the kids for 12 full hours so I could go out an do whatever I wanted!!! This was a first and it was amazing!!!! 

I walked around the lake for 2 miles
Ran 3.1 miles
Went to the mall
Took a nap in my car
Collected nature items
Went to the thrift store
Shopped for gifts
Cleaned my car
Ate lunch at my favorite food place
Got a chai tea latte at Starbucks
And literally spent the whole day doing exactly what I wanted to do!!!

Did I mention he made me breakfast which has never happened in 8 years???

And dinner, all parts, which may have happened once in 8 years!!!

Hope it all happens again!!!! In less than 8 more years! Thanks Boss for the day off!



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