Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 1 December

I'm going to try to post a December photo every day this month. This year we are going light on decorations and light on ornaments. We are also NOT sending out cards, so if you don't get one----DONT THINK WE FORGOT YOU!!!! We are just having a modified Christmas.

The kids used our plastic ornaments only and were able to decorate the middle half of the tree. I have no clue why they put none on the bottom. The Wiz is a one man wrecking ball and the fact that the tree is still standing is a bit of a puzzle.

Anyway, the tree looks great!

Each year the kids choose one ornament.

Princess got the Ariel, which broke moments after this photo was taken.

Son got the Ironman, which the Wiz bit the arm off already

Wiz got theHit Wheels

Sis got the nail polish

I got the US ornament because it's a cork board that you can stick pins in and it's awesome:



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