Sunday, September 4, 2016

Juice Fast update day ????

Oh gosh. It's 5pm and I'm sitting here wondering WHY I've gotten myself into this. 

This is my first *official* juice fast. I've done the  Master Cleanse twice with great results, but I was really wanting to try juice this time. Oddly enough, my Master cleanse post is BY FAR the most popular on this blog. A blog that had nothing to do with weight loss or nutrition or fasting.

Anyway, another baby. Another 20 pounds I can't shake. Now, considering my baby is 19 months old and the 20 pounds I have no excuse. Since I've had my last baby this should be my last fast. EVER.

So here I go again. I'm aiming for 21 days and 15 pounds. I may do less time than that depending on how I feel or longer if the 15 pounds are slow.

Juices today:

20 oz Watermelon juice

20 oz tomato, kale, lemon, celery juice and it was awful.

20 oz of a green juice bought at a cafe. Also awful.

I was feeling really out of whack and have four kids to care for, so I had 8oz of almond milk mixed with one scoop of raw protein powder. Joe Cross has actually started recommending a protein "shake" for longer fasts.

16 oz Master Cleanse

20 oz veggie broth which was the water that was left after steaming broccoli for my kids.


2 miles running. Time: 17:45. Pathetic, but considering I haven't run since May or's a start.

I feel pretty yucky. 4 out of 10.

Bad headache. Neck is killing me. Tired but could be that I got only 4 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow I *may post a starting weight and photo. *MAY.

So. Day 1 almost over. 15 pounds or so to go.

Can't wait to go to sleep.

Day 2

Weight update:

I started at 162.2 and today was 158.2.

Holy moly. Last night was HORRIBLE! I puked my guts out for 4 hours. It. Was . Bad. I don't know why but it felt like I was poisoned. I think my liver did a toxic dump or something. I think that's why I'm 4 pounds down. I puked it all up.

But I went to sleep as soon as I got the kids to bed and Today I feel Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am a little hungry in between juices, but other than that  I am sailing.

Today's juice:

20 oz watermelon

16 oz celery Apple pear and various greens

Almond milk with 1 banana cinnamon and chia

I went out and the juice place wasn't open so I had one Suja strawberry Apple 

1 bottle Kombucha which as far as I can tell is perfectly acceptable.

8oz low sodium organ veggie broth 

16 oz mango peach and greens (best juice ever)


Taking day off after lasts nights horrible experience.

I hope it gets even better from here because I really feel great.

Day 3: 

Weight: 156 (still feeling very large)

I am tired today, but really I didn't sleep much last night. I didn't go to bed until 12:30 and was up at 6.

Juices so far today:

Peach grape celery greens 20 oz

8 oz Almond milk 1 banana 1 Tbs chia 

Tomato celery cucumber (I really need something hot so I mixed the juice with hot water and it's great). I might do this more today.

20oz peach mango

Green tea

Day 4

Weight: 155.4

Feeling good today. Not as tired even though I only got 6 hours of sleep. Still miserable about my weight. According to my master cleanse post I will be unhappy with it until I get to 145. I'm praying I have no loose skin on my stomach after this, but I may and I'm going to have to live with it. But I'm still hoping for a six pack.

I decided I am going to try for 135. So that should be another 20 to 30 days. I am determined to get rid of this weight, my desire to eat anything but raw foods and the feeling that I have of being completely just gross.

Juice today:

Almond milk banana

20 oz watermelon

8oz veggie broth

Another watermelon

A random drink of fruits that my kids left have eaten.

Day 5:

Ok I'm not hungry at all. That bad news is that I started the day with no loss. Same as yesterday. I might need to exercise but my energy is there yet. I'm a little upset about no loss today....I'm going to try to juice mostly veggies today. I think maybe too much fruit. Ugh. I'm so upset.

I had a chai tea latte today with coconut milk. 29 grams of sugar. It was a tall...the smallest one and has more added sugar than recommended for the ENTIRE day.
I decided every 5 days I'm going to have decaf or a chai latte. I need something to look forward to. Maybe not. I don't WANT to consume these things, so I seriously need to figure out how to get past the desire to have them. I don't want to go in the opposite direction. Not about weight, but about health. I don't thing God created us with the intention of us drinking a chai tea latte.

Day 6


I STILL FEEL COMPLETELY YUCKY ABOUT MY WEIGHT. I sure hope I start feeling better around 145. I guess I just think my husband deserves better than a sloppy looking chick 😊 He says he's thinks I look good the way I am just for the record. I just want to do better. For health and vanity.

Day 10

Ugh. 153.4 I had a bit to eat over the weekend while on a trip and I'm furious at myself. Back in the game now. This is going Slow!

I lost track of days now. I am not weighing myself for 10 days so I will check in then. I BETTER BE UNDER 145 or I'm going to well continue... But be mad about it!

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