Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spaceships and Ducks

Last Wednesday we went to the park...ran into a duck...fed the duck...and he stalked us from that moment forward:

Then we headed over to a music and movement class:

The Wiz only wanted to take the instructors suitcases:

And find the TV remote:

Afterwards, the kids made a restaurant called "sweet restaurant" and it is Jesus's favorite restaurant according to Princess. Now that's a good review!!!

I've been trying out the Reggio approach and we love it:

Son loves putting stickers on paper to form letters:

I had some empty boxes and the kids really took an interest in them and wanted to make spaceships. I found everything space shippy that owned and they loved making the ships:

Wiz has found a new activity. Turning the fish tank light on and off:




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