Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Princess

Princess turned 5 today. We celebrated with a small party two weeks ago by going to the local water park.

As for gifts, she got a new doll, a doll crib, books, a tea set, and some dresses:



Nickname: Bear or Bear Cat. Brother calls her one knows why.

Height: 4 feet tall

Favorite Color: Purple and pink and gold and rainbow sparkles.

Favorite Movie: Little Mermaid

Favorite Food: Mushroom. (Note: she's NEVER eaten a mushroom. I'd say it's strawberry smoothies, strawberries, grapes and chocolate.

Favorite Place to go: The park

Favorite Store: Target and the Toy store

Favorite School Subject: Science and math

Wants to be: "Mommys good helper"

Favorite toy: Tea set

Notes: Princess desperately wants to fly. Like actually be a bird. She would really love to have a cat and a rat. She loves the mall and good fashion.
News: On her 5th birthday (today) she got her FIRST haircut:





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