Saturday, August 6, 2016

For Pete's Sake

Sweet Pete's Candy Shop in Jacksonville is an awesome place in a gorgeous old mansion. They have toddler time with a story, craft and treat:

It was so hard managing all three of these guys at this place. The Wiz was climbing on everything and trying to tear the place up. Son got shy and didn't want to go into the classroom. Princess was a wild child in sight of all the candy....but

They made their cookies:

And craft:

Then we did the tour, well half of it before people started to misbehave:

Afterwards we went across the street to Hemming Park:

And then we had to walk FAR to the car. It seemed impossible because I carried two kids in 100 degree heat and had to keep taking breaks because my arms were about to fall off. The good news is that we made it back in one piece and everyone had a nice little box of candy to take home!


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